Many housewives are looking for Suhoor on the first day of Ramadan 2022, delicious food ideas for the first day of Ramadan. It pays off boredom for family members and meets the needs of everyone in it. In this article, we learn about the first day of Ramadan and the importance of suhoor for the body and its health benefits.

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  • The importance of suhoor

Suhoor has many health and protective benefits for the body, which can be identified as follows:

  • It protects the body from the lack of fluids and water during the day in Ramadan, especially during summer and high temperatures.
  • It protects the fasting person from headaches and blurred eyes that often accompany a lack of food and drink.
  • It helps to avoid a rapid drop in blood sugar for patients with type 1 or type 2 Diabetes.
  • It helps in controlling the blood pressure in the body and making it within the safe and normal limits for patients with high blood pressure.
  • It protects the body from episodes of constipation that the fasting person is exposed to due to the lack of fluids in the body.
  • It helps in revitalizing the digestive system through the work of the stomach in digesting the suhoor food, which lasts for several hours after the meal.
  • It reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness that a fasting person often feels when abstaining from eating and drinking for long periods.

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  • Suhoor time

Suhoor is the blessed food according to the text of the words of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and the best time to eat Suhoor is shortly before dawn breaks. It is preferred to delay breakfast until the end of the call to prayer. Peace and blessings be upon him, urged us to eat the Suhoor meal because of the goodness and blessing it contains, even if the Muslim finds nothing but a drink of water, then he can take Suhoor with it.

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  • Suhoor on the first day of Ramadan

Many housewives are interested in suhoor on the first day of Ramadan because it is the suhoor that helps to fast the first day of Ramadan, and then the suhoor should be integrated and rich in food that helps the family to endure the hardships of fasting and abstain from food and drink, especially if the family has children and children. They fast for the first time, and the following is the best suhoor on the first day of Ramadan:

A dish of fava beans with hot oil or olive oil added, and it can also be prepared by adding tomatoes after cooking on the fire Iftar Images – Browse 66,185 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stockor fried onions to make it more delicious.

  • Eggs, which contain protein, are important for children in particular. Eggs can be eaten boiled or fried in ghee or vegetable oil.
  • A cup of yogurt for each family member
  • Cheddar cheese, flamenco cheese, or light-salt roumi cheese, which is types of delicious cheese that are accepted by everyone.
  • French fries or boiled and mashed potatoes with natural ghee or butter.
  • Sliced ​​cucumber slices, sliced ​​tomatoes, lettuce and all kinds of vegetables available at home.
  • Natural fruit juice such as orange juice, mango juice or guava.
  • Drink plenty of water after the Suhoor meal to avoid thirst and increase feelings of fatigue during the day in Ramadan.


  • The best suhoor in Ramadan

Being careful to choose and eat the right and healthy food during the Suhoor meal is one of the most important factors that help to endure fasting and reduce the feeling of hardship, and thus facilitate fasting for adults and even children and young people. Below we learn about the best foods that the fasting meal should include:

  • Eggs

Eggs are one of the best proteins that can be eaten in the suhoor meal, as they help increase the feeling of satiety and fullness for a long period of the day, and reduce the feeling of fatigue for the fasting person. Eggs can be prepared in more than one way in the Suhoor meal. There are boiled eggs and fried eggs with ghee and vegetable oils, and a tablet of eggs can be made with flour and some vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes to increase its nutritional value.


  • Fava beans

Fava beans are known to be one of the best foods in the suhoor meal, due to the fact that the stomach takes a long time to fully digest the beans, which gives the fasting person a feeling of fullness for a long time during the day, and beans are a legume rich in natural fibers, which reduces the chances of infection Constipation due to fasting, in addition to the fact that beans help reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood. And beans can be prepared for the suhoor meal by adding olive oil or hot oil to it, or by cutting tomatoes and green peppers and serving it hot.

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  • Yogurt and honey

A cup of yogurt on suhoor helps a lot in resisting thirst and feeling tired in Ramadan, and yogurt contains lactic acid and many amino acids that help in strengthening the body, controlling blood sugar and preventing its rapid decline for diabetics, and honey can be added to yogurt to maximize the benefit and get the body minerals And the important vitamins in honey, especially its ability to provide the body with energy and vitality and prevent weakness from the fasting person.

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  • Healthy suhoor meals

Many fasting people are looking for the best healthy meals for suhoor in Ramadan. Ramadan being the month of fasting does not mean that the fasting person eats a lot of foods that may cause harm to the body or cause obesity and weight gain, and healthy, beneficial meals can be eaten at suhoor and at the same time meals are useful in preventing Feeling hungry and reducing thirst or weakness during the day in Ramadan, and the following are the best healthy meals for Ramadan Suhoor:


  • Oats: Oats are whole grains that contain important nutrients that the body cannot dispense with, and oats can be eaten in the Ramadan Suhoor by adding milk to it or adding it to yogurt and eating it with honey. .
  • Brown bread: Many fasting people are keen to eat brown bread made of whole wheat for the Suhoor meal and avoid white bread, because brown bread contains a large amount of natural fibers and thus improves the performance of the digestive system, and white bread helps in raising the sugar level. In the blood quickly, which is harmful to diabetics, and brown bread provides a feeling of satiety for a longer period than pure white bread.
  • Fruit salad: For the Suhoor meal, you can eat fruit salad and be satisfied with it as a valuable meal for Suhoor. It contains a high percentage of minerals and vitamins in addition to containing water and liquids in a high percentage. The best fruits in which salads can be made are cutting oranges, strawberries, kiwis and cantaloupes, and bananas can also be added. Avocados and grapes.
  • Delicious food ideas for the first day of Ramadan

There are many delicious meals that a housewife can prepare in the Suhoor food. Examples of these delicious ideas include:

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  • A plate of whole-grain oats with whole milk, a pinch of cinnamon, a teaspoon of turmeric, and a tablespoon of raw honey.
  • A large cup of yogurt after cutting a banana on it and adding a tablespoon of oats and peanut butter to sweeten it.
  • A dish of cottage cheese on which cucumbers and tomatoes are cut, olive oil or corn oil is added and eaten with brown bread.
  • An appropriate amount of kunafa made by hand, and kunafa made with industrial machines can be eaten, and it is placed on the fire with a spoon of natural ghee, then add a cup of cold full-fat milk and sprinkle black or white honey on it and eat it while it is hot.
  • Fried eggs with natural butter, topped with sliced ​​red onions, tomatoes, a sprinkle of cinnamon, spices and black pepper, and eaten with brown bread.