Middle Eastern Recipes

Lentils and Dates Bowl

Lentils and Dates Bowl makes the perfect choice for an Autumn day and what is better than a lentil and dates bowl to feel warmer on an Autumn day, this recipe is packed with nutrients [...]

Lamb Liver with onion

Lamb Liver with onion is one of the easiest and simplest recipes that you can make in no time. There is nothing more delicious than Lamb Liver with onion for a great lunch with your [...]

Whole Wheat Bread for Eid

On the occasion of Aid El Adha, and as our grandmothers and mothers did, we prepare Whole Wheat Bread for Eid for this occasion to accompany the famous lunch dish. Whole Wheat Bread For Eid [...]

Cubed Lebanese Salad

Discover our very easy and quick Greek Cubed Lebanese Salad recipe. A good little homemade dish with summer flavours, to take with you everywhere for lunch! Mediterranean diet Fresh, tasty and, in all honesty, ZERO [...]

Alexandrian Hawawshi

Alexandrian Hawawshi is a famous and somewhat popular Egyptian food, and it is one of the varieties that requires a long process and stages in its preparation, but it has a distinctive taste and contains [...]

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

The Moroccan tagine is one of the famous dishes in Morocco. It has a special taste compared to other dishes. The Moroccan tagine is very famous in the world, where tourists come from all over the world [...]