Middle Eastern Recipes


Qaraqeesh is one of the best-loved snacks on the breakfast table with a cup of tea, or tea with milk, due to the ease of eating it anywhere and at any time, as it is easy [...]

Eid Feast Meat Puffs

Simple to make Eid Feast meat puffs with a filling of minced meat seasoned with garlic, and salt and cooked in a few simple ingredients following easy-to-follow steps, olive oil, and onion sauce. Eid Feast [...]

Eid Kaak

  Eid Al-Fitr is approaching, and every woman is keen to prepare the best sweets such as cakes, biscuits, and other sweets that are offered on this happy occasion. And here is an easy way [...]

Faisaliah With Pistachio

Among the oriental sweets, the ones that are made with konafa, such as konafa with cream and konafa with nuts, stand out, but konafa can be used in non-traditional recipes such as Al-Faisaliah. And in this article, [...]

Bint Al Sahn

  Bint Al sahn is a Yemeni recipe that is considered one of the famous Yemeni recipes along with the Yemeni Mutabbaq and other famous recipes. Bint Al-Sahn goes back to the Yemeni heritage and is [...]

Tunisian Nwasser

Tunisian Nwasser: History and origin of this famous Tunisian dish Nwasser is a Tunisian dish made from ready-made pasta cut into small squares. What is the origin of this famous Tunisian dish? Nwasser dough is prepared [...]