Eid sweets

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The feasts are a plural of Eid, which is what people gather as a weekly, monthly or annual tradition, in which things that people usually do, which may be worship or customs according to the occasion, are completed. The feasts in Islam are divided into two parts; Holidays and occasions defined by Sharia, and their importance lies in the fact that they contain a kind of sermon and benefit, and there are occasions that he did not specify or care about, but perhaps it was customary for people to celebrate them. The two Eids and each region has its own rituals that may differ from others in whole or in part, and in this article we will learn about the traditional holiday rituals and sweets in different countries.

Traditional Eid sweets in different countries

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Some customs are similar in the celebration of Eid, and the most important of these customs is offering sweets to the guests well-wishing on the Eid and carrying some types of them when visiting relatives, neighbors and friends. Here are some traditional Eid sweets in different countries:


  • Kleija: It is the most famous traditional EID sweet in various countries, and it is called Maamoul, and it is stuffed with several types of fillings such as walnuts, crushed dates or sesame with sugar and cardamom.
  • Al-Sabaya: Itis also called Bint Al-Sahn, which is the Yemeni Eid dessert. It consists of multi-layered unleavened bread that is spread with honey and eggs.
  • Eid cakes: Eidcakes are served in Egypt and the Egyptians call them kaak.
  • Al-Karabej: It is of Aleppo origin and is attributed to it, and the krabeej is served with Al-Natef on Eid.
  • Luqaimat: One of the traditional Eid sweets in various countries and is famous in the Gulf countries, especially in the Emirates and Kuwait.
  • Ghraiba, Sable, and Petit Four: It is one of the types of sweets that are made on Eid and served in Sudan.

Customs and traditions of countries on holidays

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The celebration of Eid varies from country to country around the world, but in the Arab world, the practices related to Eid and traditional Eid sweets are similar in various Arab countries, and the following are the most prominent customs and traditions of countries on holidays:

  • Egypt: The celebration of Eid, is an important annual occasion to renew their adherence to the Islamic identity. The feast is celebrated early by decorating mosques and buying Eid necessities of sweets and clothes a few days before Eid.
  • Indonesia: Muslims in Indonesia are keen to ask forgiveness and apology from each other before Eid in order to purify souls, and Islamic schools give their students longer vacation than the vacations in other schools on the occasion of Eid, and people eat chicken and beef meat and avoid eating fish, and then they eat sweets.