A few days are left for us to celebrate the holy occasion of Eid al-Fitr. After the fasting month of Ramadan, people are preparing for the feasts of Eid Al fitr. Indeed, this special occasion unites the Arab world in celebrating Eid al-Fitr with various customs that stem from the depth of the Islamic religion, such as prayer, zakat alfitr, and family gatherings. But in those family visits and gatherings, people search for gifts to take and for this happy occasion. And on this framework, I offer you this article in which I have gathered for you a wide array of the most delicious sweets that you can prepare with your own hands at home.

Arabic countries welcome Eid Al fitr with Sweets


And including the sweet recipes that you can make on Eid, we can mention the Egyptian Eid cakes. For instance; the ancient Egyptians invented Eid cakes as an expression of joy in the celebrations of the Pharaohs, and this custom extended from the era of the Pharaonic times to the modern times in Egypt. This sweet cake recipe consists of flour, ghee, chemical yeast, milk, mahlab, sesame, and salt. Then Egyptians knead the mixture and press it into balls. Egyptians make this sweet recipe and bake it in the oven.


Traditions and customs on Eid Al fitr:

Ramadan and Eid al Fitr | The holy month of Ramadan and Eid … | FlickrAnd on Eid al-Fitr, Moroccans excel in making many forms and types of sweets. Indeed, Moroccans prepare some desserts from chocolate and other recipes with almonds or nuts. And while Moroccans serve various sweets in cake molds; they don’t miss the most popular sweets. Moroccans, indeed, love chocolate sweets, Qarn al-Ghazal sweets stuffed with almonds, and the “Ghariba” sweets that It’s a bit like Egyptian cakes.

Algerian and Tunisian families start preparing on the night of the 27th of Ramadan, the most Popular of the sweets they prepare is the makroudh sweets made from dates or almonds, and the baklava sweets that are characteristic of eastern cities in particular, while the central cities are distinguished by the “Mlabes” or “Charak Al-Aryan”, which is made with almonds and covered with sugar.

Tunisians also prefer to prepare tender and warm foods in order to accustom the stomach to food after a month of getting used to fasting. But Tunisians do not deprive themselves of other delicious dishes, including Graibah, Kaak Alwarka, biscuits, Samsa, and different types of sweets that they excel in making.

And the atmosphere of holidays begins early in Saudi Arabia, days before the Eid al-Fitr day, housewives begin preparing traditional sweets, perhaps the most popular of which is kleija or maamoul.

Different Sweet recipes for Eid Al fitr:Premium Photo | Eid al-fitr concept with arab food and friends

The Sudanese generosity requires the people to provide generous quantities of sweets in order to honor and welcome the guests and loved ones during Eid Al Fitr. And among the most important of these sweets are the cakes, Graibah, the petit four, the sable, and a wide array of sweets.

Iraqis feel the atmosphere of the holiday as soon as people start purchasing children’s games. And mothers start preparing Eid sweets. Iraqi people make different sorts of pastries and sweets; the most important of which are klegah with nut, dates, or sesame fillings, as well as khafifi, halqoum and others.Stockfoto May 29, 2019 Gaza, gaza strip, Palestine

And many Damascus residents pray in the Umayyad Mosque, or like others, they go to the various prayer halls. As for homes, they start preparing different types of sweets, the most important of which are maamoul, kunafah and kebabej